Vault Workspace to Tiles migration

This page will guide users on how to migrate data from Vault Workspace to Tiles.

As Vault Workspace is scheduled to be deprecated by the end of 2024*, this guide will provide a walkthrough for users on transferring data from Vault Workspace to Tiles in Plumber. There are some FAQs below the guide to address some of the concerns.

*Edit: Due to the high cost of maintaining the vault workspace, the team has decided to end the product's maintenance early, and the product will be deprecated by the end of August.

Please be aware that the format of the extracted CSV file from Vault Workspace may differ from what you see on the platform. Nevertheless, you can proceed with the guide as intended.

Quick links to access Vault Workspace and Plumber.

  1. To being with the migration, please login to to access the table you wish to transfer.

  2. Click on "Export" on the right.

  1. Click on "Download".

  1. Upon downloading the CSV file, navigate to Tiles on (Tiles can be found on the left-hand side of the page). Click on "Create Tile"

  1. A popup will appear; enter your desired name for the table, click on "Import CSV," and then click "Next."

  1. Insert the CSV file that you've just exported from Vault Workspace

  1. Click on the button "Import x Rows"

  1. Your CSV should appear as it is seen in the CSV.

  1. To check how to configure Tiles, please check out the guide here.

How to connect your current FormSG(email mode) to Tiles

To change your FormSG email mode to storage mode, simply duplicate the form and select "Storage mode". With this method, you do not need to insert any email address. If you would like to send an email to yourself, you may add another action, Postman, after Tiles.

  1. Create a table (if you haven't, refer to the steps above)

  2. After you've duplicate the form. Please refer to the step by step below.

There are a total of 11 steps for this flow.

  1. Under "Choose an app", select "FormSG" as the app.

  2. Under "Choose an event", select "New form submission"

  3. Click "Continue" button

  1. Under "Choose connection", click "Add new connection", a modal will pop out.

  1. Enter your Form URL and secret key and click

  1. Click "Submit" and a "Your form is connected successfully." text would appear.

  2. Choose how you want Plumber to deal with NRICs collected in your form responses. If your form does not collect NRICs select "Do nothing".

  1. Click on 'Test step' button and mock data will appear. If you wish to test with actual data, you may submit a response to the live form and it'll appear the next time you click on "Test step".

  1. A drop down will appear (as seen in the screenshot below) if the test is a success. Do note that mock data are being used in the example below.

10. Setting up automations with Tiles

Depending on your current use case with Vault Workspace, the step-by-step process might differ, so please refer accordingly or contact us if you are unsure which step to follow.

Creating table in Tiles

After accessing, click on “Tiles” on the left side of the page

Find single row

This action will allow you to find a single row and return based on the value you’ve insert.

  1. Under “Select Tile”

  2. Select the table you wish to connect

  3. Under “Lookup conditions”

  4. Select the column you wish to look up

  5. Select the conditions

  6. Enter the value you wish to look up, this can something you’ve typed or a variable from previous actions.

  1. Under “Return most recent row instead?”, select the option you desire.

    1. “No (Returns oldest row)” will return the row that resides in the table the longest, it may not be the first row that has existed depending on your workflow.

    2. “Yes (Returns most recent row)” will return the latest row.

  2. Test the pipe to see if your automation makes sense

Getting row count

This uses the Find single row action to get a row count based on certain conditions. This is similar to COUNTIF in excel.

  1. Select TIles > Find Single Row

  2. Test step

Create row
  1. Select the table you wish to connect

  2. Under “column” , select the column you wish to insert the data into

  3. Under “value” , you may type the value or insert variable from previous actions

  4. Test action to see if the output makes sense

Update single row

This will allow you to update row, do note that you’ll require “Find single row” action before this action.

  1. Select the table you wish to connect under “Select Tile”

  2. Under “Row ID”, select the row id you wish to manipulate, row id can be retrieve with “Find single row” action.

  3. Under “Row data”, select the column you need to edit and insert the value. Either key in the value or use variable retrieve from previous actions.

  1. You're done! Please remember to click "Publish" on the top right corner of the page.

If you would like to send the response to yourself or another recipient (optional)

  1. Click on "+" button

  1. Under "Choose an app", select "Email by Postman"

  2. Under "Choose an event", select "Send email"

  3. Click "Continue"

  4. Fill in the respective fields, under "Body", customised how you wish to receive the responses, for Recipient Email, insert the email address you wish to receive the responses. Click "Continue" once done.

Under "Test action", click "Test step" to ensure that the steps are working correctly. The email recipients will receive an email if everything is working as intended. Remember to click on "Publish" at the top right once you are done.


Why is Vault Workspace deprecating?

The Vault team is currently focusing on the development of a data sharing platform for government data at to enable both government and public data use cases across topics like housing, education, healthcare and more.

Are there going to be more features in Tiles?

Yes! The team is looking to build collaborative functions (allowing your colleagues to edit the table directly), live refresh, and programmable buttons.

Will there be dashboard feature in Tiles?

We're still looking into this, but at this point, it is not our top priority. Please let us know if there's any use case on your end. You may still download the data and create a dashboard with Excel

Why is the data arrangement in Tiles different as what was shown in Vault Workspace?

Vault Workspace adds new entries at the top of the table, while Tiles adds new entries at the bottom. However, when extracting data from Vault Workspace, the sequence of information is also reversed. So in essence, Tiles is following the format of entries as per the CSV.

Can my colleagues edit the data in Tiles?

As the Tiles table are under your account, it is not possible. The feature would be available in the future when we push out collaboration mode (expect it around Q3 or Q4 2024).

Can I use Tiles without using the rest of Plumber's features?

Yes, you can! If you wish to use Tiles without using the other features of Plumber, that's fine too.

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