🔔Notifications for FormSG

Set up notifications for your storage mode form so you don't have to log in regularly to check for responses!

Why you need this

  • Save time logging in to Forms to check for responses

  • Stay on top of form submissions

Notify yourself when a form response comes in

Before you get started, make sure you've signed into FormSG and Postman.

Connect the form you wish to receive notifications for

  1. Under "Choose an app", select "FormSG" as the app.

  2. Under "Choose an event", select "New form submission"

  3. Click "Continue" button

  1. Under "Choose connection", click "Add new connection", a modal will pop out.

  1. Enter your Form URL and secret key and click

  1. Click "Submit" and a "Your form is connected successfully." text would appear.

  2. Choose how you want Plumber to deal with NRICs collected in your form responses. If your form does not collect NRICs select "Do nothing".

  1. Click on 'Test step' button and mock data will appear. If you wish to test with actual data, you may submit a response to the live form and it'll appear the next time you click on "Test step".

  1. A drop down will appear (as seen in the screenshot below) if the test is a success. Do note that mock data are being used in the example below.

You're done with setting up the FormSG integration! Next step: Postman integration

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