📪Email by Postman

This page explains the steps you need to follow to set up Postman as an action for your pipe.

Postman is a mass messaging tool for the Singapore Government. These messages can be sent via our web app directly (see campaign guide) or via API integration (see API guide).

We've sent out more than 100 million messages from over 90 agencies. These include quarantine orders, COVID-19 test results, and employer notices.

Start using Postman by logging in with your @agency.gov.sg email address!

More information can be found here

Action events

Send email

  1. Choose 'Postman' as the app.

  2. Choose 'Send email' as the action event.

  3. Click 'Continue' to proceed to set up your action.

  4. Set up your Postman email. You can use variables in your trigger step to customise your email.

You can use https://editor.postman.gov.sg to generate your email HTML template

  1. Click 'Continue' to proceed to test your action.

  2. Click 'Test step' to see if your action is working as intended.

FAQ for Postman

Will I be able to cc email addresses under Postman?

It's not possible to do it at this point but you'll be able to send to multiple email addresses

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