This page explains the steps you need to follow to set up FormSG as a trigger for your pipe.

FormSG is a self-service, easy-to-use and feature rich form builder that enables public officers to collect citizen data quickly and securely. The best way to learn about FormSG is to login and create your first form.

The form you're connecting to needs to be a storage mode form. It can collect up to Restricted and Sensitive Normal data.

For more information about FormSG, click here!

Trigger events

Connect the form you wish to receive notifications for

  1. Under "Choose an app", select "FormSG" as the app.

  2. Under "Choose an event", select "New form submission"

  3. Click "Continue" button

  1. Under "Choose connection", click "Add new connection", a modal will pop out.

  1. Enter your Form URL and secret key and click

  1. Click "Submit" and a "Your form is connected successfully." text would appear.

  2. Choose how you want Plumber to deal with NRICs collected in your form responses. If your form does not collect NRICs select "Do nothing".

  1. Click on 'Test step' button and mock data will appear. If you wish to test with actual data, you may submit a response to the live form and it'll appear the next time you click on "Test step".

  1. A drop down will appear (as seen in the screenshot below) if the test is a success. Do note that mock data are being used in the example below.

You're done with setting up the FormSG integration!


FormSG Connect step

Error messageExplanation

We couldn't verify your webhook settings. Please try again later.

This could be due to one of these reasons: - your plumber account email is not registered with FormSG - your form credentials are invalid or form is not public - a server error on our side (contact us!)

The form you are trying to connect is currently being used in another pipe. Continuing with this connection will cause the other pipe to break.

Your form is currently connected to another pipe. Ensure that this current pipe is no longer in use before proceeding.

The form is currently connected to a different endpoint. Continuing with this connection will override this setting.

You may have set your form webhook endpoint to something else that is not a plumber webhook endpoint. Proceeding with this connection will no longer allow the current webhook endpoint to receive further submissions.

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