☎️SMS by Postman

This page explains the steps you need to follow to set up SMS by Postman as an action for your pipe.

Available Actions

Send SMS

Note that in accordance with the SG Government SMS policy, SMSes will be sent under the gov.sg sender ID, with a fixed header and footer, like so:

To add this action to your pipe, follow these 2 steps:

Step A: Create a Postman SMS campaign and API key

  1. Follow Postman's guide to create an SMS campaign. For campaign content, enter {{body}}. It should look like this:

  2. After creating the campaign, take note of its campaign id:

  3. Whitelist Plumber's IP addresses in your campaign by following this guide. You should whitelist the 3 IPs below:




  4. Generate API keys for your SMS campaign by following this guide. You will need this when setting up Plumber later.

Step B: Configure Plumber

  1. Choose 'SMS by Postman' as the app.

  2. Choose 'Send SMS' as the action

  3. Click 'Continue' to connect your Postman SMS campaign to Plumber

  4. In the 'Choose connection' drop down, select 'Add new connection'

    1. In the 'Label' field, enter a description for your campaign

    2. In the "Campaign ID" field, paste your campaign ID (you obtained this in step A2 above)

    3. In the 'API key' field, enter the API key for your campaign (you generated this in Step A4 above)

    4. Click 'Submit' to finish connecting your Postman SMS campaign to Plumber

  5. Click 'Continue' to proceed to set up your action.

  6. In the 'Recipient' field, enter the SMS recipient's phone number with country code.

  7. In the 'Message' field, enter the message you wish to send to the recipient.

  8. Click 'Continue' to proceed to test your action

  9. Click on 'Test Step' and verify that the SMS has been sent to the recipient's phone.

Migrating From Twilio

To comply with government policy, Twilio will be disabled in Plumber pipes for most public servants starting from 28 June 2024. SMS by Postman is Twilio's replacement. Note: Unlike Twilio app, you are not allowed to configure the "From Number" in SMS by Postman.

1. Navigate to your pipe.

2. Unpublish the pipe.

NOTE: Unpublishing will stop the pipe from processing any new triggers until you publish it again. If you are using a FormSG trigger, we recommend that you close the FormSG first.

3. Expand your Twilio step, and ensure that "choose app & event" section is expanded

4. Under "Choose an app", select "SMS by Postman". Then under "Choose an event", select "Send SMS"

5. Follow the instructions in the above section to configure this new "Send SMS" action.

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