Pipe settings

This page outlines some of the settings that users can configure for their pipes.

To access settings in your pipe, click on the "Gear" icon on the top right in the pipe.

Email notification settings

Transfer Pipe

This setting allows you to transfer pipe to your colleagues.

  1. Enter the email address you wish to transfer the pipe to. (Do note that they'll have to login at least once for this feature to work.)

  2. Click on "Transfer Pipe"

  3. A pop up would appear, click on "Yes, transfer pipe" if the email address has been entered correctly.

  4. A green toast would appear, as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Your pipe is now pending transfer. Please get your colleague to double check the pipe connections and actions.

    1. Note that you will need to manually pass over the permissions and credentials for each connection involved e.g. FormSG would involve you handing ownership or editor rights of the form to the receiving user and passing of the secret key as well. M365 excel will require the receiving user to be granted the right permissions and access to the file involved.

    2. If you accidentally made a transfer request to the wrong intended user, you can click on "cancel" to retract the request.

  2. Once your colleague accepts the pipe transfer on their account, the process will then be completed.

  3. Below, we'll cover what to expect when receiving a pipe.

Accepting a pipe transfer

Please ensure that the automation connections are correct upon receiving the transfer.

  1. Receiving user will need to login to Plumber and accept the transfer.

  2. A prompt will appear on the receiver's account as seen in the screenshot below.

  1. Click on "View and accept"

  2. You'll be brought to a new page to accept or reject the pipe.

  1. Ensure that you reconnect the connection and test all the relevant steps in the pipe to ensure that everything works well. If there are no connections involved, you should be able to immediately publish the pipe and it will still work as intended.

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