Executions page

This page will guide you on how to interpret the status and information on the executions page.

There are 3 statuses in the executions page

  1. Success

  2. Failure

  3. Waiting


This means that the pipe that has been successfully ran.


This indicates that the pipe has failed due to several reasons.

  1. You may click on the failed pipe to further investigate.

  1. Look for an exclamation mark (as shown below), and click on "Error" to better understand what had happened.

  1. Click on the "Error" tab

  2. Click on "View error details below", refer to the message, and try to troubleshoot from there. If the error message was not helpful, you may write to go.gov.sg/plumber-support along with the screenshot of the error.


This means that your pipe might have apps that do not execute immediately. Most likely, there are either the "scheduler" or "delay" apps in your workflow.


My pipe shows that an email was sent out successfully, but my recipient did not receive it. Why is this happening?

There could be several reasons:

  1. Large attachment(s) in the email: The SG mail server will drop emails with attachments larger than 7 MB.

  2. Intranet environment: The email addresses may be intended for internal use only within the intranet environment, making them unable to receive emails sent out by Plumber. This situation will not cause Plumber's execution page to show the pipe as "Failure."

  3. Invalid email address: If you're collecting the email address from FormSG, ensure that email verification is enabled.

Why does my recipient address get blacklisted on Plumber?

There could be several reasons why email addresses get blacklisted. For instance, the recipient may have left the organization and rejoined. You may contact us at Plumber Support for assistance with this.

The Plumber team has rectified my issue, what do I do now?

You may click on the "Retry" button and monitor if the pipe succeeds or not. If it still doesn't succeed, please let the Plumber team know about it.

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