🌉Custom API

Custom API actions enable you to connect to an external system outside of Plumber. This is helpful if your workflow involves interactions with an external system.

The implementation might require some changes on the system that is receiving raw data from Plumber, speak to the system owner or pass this guide to the relevant stakeholders to facilitate the process.

If you wish to whitelist traffic from Plumber, please specify the following IP addresses




How to set up custom api action

  1. Select "Custom API" under "Choose an app"

  2. Select "Make a HTTP request" under "Choose an event"

  3. Click "Continue".

  1. Select "Add new connection"

  1. Under "Label", give a name you like for the connection. This is just for your own identification purpose.

  2. Under "Headers", enter the identifying parameters for the system you're interacting with.

  1. Select the relevant methods (GET, DELETE, PATCH, POST, PUT)

  2. Fill in the remaining fields according to how your system is configured

  3. Click "Continue" when you're done

  1. Upon successful request, you'll be able to view the data provided by the external system

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