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Can I share my pipe with my colleagues like FormSG collaborator's mode?

It's not possible at this point. The Plumber team is still exploring this feature as it is rather complex. However, you may transfer the pipe to another user.

What is the data classification for Plumber?

The data classification for data on the Plumber platform is Restricted and Sensitive (Normal).

Why do some email addresses get blacklisted?

There could be several reasons why email addresses get blacklisted. For instance, the recipient may have left the organization and rejoined, or the recipient may have unsubscribed to emails sent out by Postman. You may contact us at Plumber Support for assistance with this.

Why can't I connect multi-respondent forms with Plumber?

As multi-respondent forms have just been recently released by the FormSG team, the integration feature has not yet been built. We are currently in discussions with the FormSG team regarding this matter.

What types of forms can be integrated with Plumber? Currently, Plumber is only compatible with FormSG storage mode. Integration with email mode and MRF (Multi-respondent form) is not supported by Plumber. If you need to switch from email mode to storage mode, you can duplicate the form and change its mode to storage.

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